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Skin Care Santa Rosa

 Advanced Therapy Options

*Santa Rosa Skin Studio LLC does not make claims of curing cancers or diagnosing disorders and recommends that anyone under current physicians care obtain a release before receiving any advanced facial services. 

 Oxygen Therapy 

Oxygen infusion revives the skin by encouraging the absorption of advanced products containing powerful and proven ingredients to combat hydration loss, uneven skin tone, overall aging and problematic skin. The BT Accent AIR is the most forward thinking oxygen infusion system that works by purifying the surrounding ambient air, removing nitrogen and other potentially harmful elements, essentially converting it from a 21% concentration to 94% pure oxygen. This three step system is complete with a dome which covers the entire face to create a hyperbaric effect, a wand that infuses custom selected serums with purified oxygen in a fine misting airbrush effect and my personal favorite, the oxygen jet which pressurizes 94% pure oxygen directly on the surface of the skin dramatically improving product absorption. This revitalizing and relaxing treatment has endless benefits including increasing circulation, neutralizing bacteria, accelerating tissue repair, replenishing moisture levels, while instantly plumping and improving skin tone. 


-Complete product penetration

-Address expression aging 

-Firms and improves skin's suppleness

-Hydrates and revitalizes the skin

-Improves circulation

-Reduces Acne / neutralizes bacteria

-Plumps lax and deflated skin

-Reduces fine lines and wrinkles

-Minimizes pore size

Doctors, medical aesthetics practitioners and skin therapists all agree that this device is fast becoming known as the 'Hollywood facial' According to Bio Therapeutic President David Suzuki, "the air that we breathe is approximately 78% nitrogen and only 21% oxygen. Oxygen is one of the vital components needed to create Adenosine Tri Phosphate (ATP) in the mitochondria. ATP is the body's primary source of cellular energy and is responsible for all cellular activity from the most basic to the most complex. Studies indicated by the time we turn 60, our ATP levels of cellular energy will have decreased by as much as 50%. Because of the profound affect that cellular respiration has on the synthesis of ATP, and the immediate effects that ATP has on the texture, color, and consistency of the skin, oxygen concentrators have quickly found their way into the world of aesthetics," said Suzuki. The Bt-Accent AIR infuses 94% pure oxygen into the skin - this is a five fold increase on the percentage of oxygen in the ambient air that we breathe. BT-Accent AIR has three applicators - the oxy wand (similar to an airbrush) the oxy jet to 'jet' air into the skin, and the oxy dome, a disposable dome mask that covers the entire face with the oxygen supply tube connected to the dome.

 Light Therapy

How does LED Light Therapy Work?

LED light interacts with the cell increasing cellular activity and overall function having very beneficial for the skin. Just as plants absorb and convert sunlight into cellular building blocks, the skin absorbs this therapeutic light and uses it as a source of energy. This energy stimulates cellular regeneration, in turn producing collagen and elastin, killing Propioni-bacterium acnes (P-bacteria), reducing inflammation and accelerating tissue healing. 

Each individual light session is custom selected to address specific skin types and concerns, and most often utilizes two different colors. Each color has a wavelength that penetrates the skin to different depths thus having varying effects within the skin. The Advanced LED Therapeutic Facial delivers the most effective anti-againg facial and includes layered peptides, a hyaluronic mask during LED, facial lymphatic drainage to rid the face of toxins and fluid retention and so much more! This service can also be received as a Stand-Alone Service or add on to any Classic Facial. 

Red- Anti-aging benefits with restored cell function and essential energy transfer for the cell renewal process including collagen production. 

Yellow- Healing benefits, reduces fluid retention and bruising by stimulating lymphocyte production and activating toxin removal in the tissues. Helps to balance and calm.

Green- Minimizes hyper-pigmentation by regulating melanin production. Soothes Rosacea.

Blue- Clears acne by creating singlet oxygen and destroying P-bacteria. Minimizes overall redness and irritation. Reduces oil production. 


-Stimulation of adenosine triphosphate (ATP)

-Promotes greater absorption of serums

-Reduces redness and inflammation

-Heals skin after Microdermabrasion, peels and laser treatments

-Increases overall hydration levels 

-Stimulates lymphatic system and toxin removal

-Gives skin a healthy radiant glow

The History of LED - 

Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) were originally used to stimulate plant growth in space, but NASA found that they promoted tissue growth in humans as well. Since then, researchers have been studying their effects on burns, diabetic ulcers, wrinkles and even brain tumors.

In 1905, the Danish physician Dr. Niels Finsen received the Nobel Prze in medicine for his work showing the beneficial effects of various wavelengths of light in treatment of tuberculosis.

Years of research at the Paterson Institute for cancer research led to the production of a pure red light source that when combined with a cream would kill certain types of skin cancers. At this point, researchers found that light therapy had stimulating and regenerative affects on the cell. 

Europe during the 1960s was the center of light therapy research. Scientists discovered that certain single wave light beams had an excellent therapeutic effect on cellular tissue. This occurs through a process called photo-stimulation. 


Genesis Bio Systems Derma Peel is the only microdermabrasion system that offers crystal free, disposable single use abrasion tips, making it the most hygienic microdermabrasion machine in the industry! The DermaPeel microdermabrasion treatment has been called the `Lunch Time Peel` because the average procedure time is less than 30 minutes and you can return to work or other activities immediately without the need for recovery. Erythema (redness) and edema (swelling) may occur during or after treatment and it is advised to follow all post care instructions especially avoiding sun exposure.


Microdermabrasion can be preformed as a Stand-Alone Service or as part of an Advanced Micro/Peel Facial treatment for enhanced results. The benefits of just one treatment increases blood supply to the tissues, accelerates cellular renewal and improves the overall texture, tone and appearance of the skin. This revitalizing treatment is great for eliminating comedones and milia while also refining pore size. Regular treatments will have long lasting results by stimulating fibroblasts which produce collagen, diminishing visible hyper pigmentation, softening of wrinkles and improved dermal atrophy (acne scarring). 

*Best results are achieved in a series of 4-8 treatments


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